The Amr Group seeks to contribute to the economic and social development of the Arab World and to engender more productive Arab-Western relations by providing the highest quality services https://m.topburberry.net/ to our clients in international institutions, government, business and NGOs

Corporate Profile

We pride ourselves in a deep knowledge of both the Arab World and of Arab-Western relations. Our core team combines decades of professional experience in the Arab World-in economic and political analysis, communications, and project implementation-with direct personal connections to the region, to provide our clients with the strategic advice to achieve their Panerai Replica objectives and the implementation capacity to get the job done. Our consultants and experts also combine an abiding commitment to excellence and rigorous analytical thought with the Fendi Replica Bags flexibility to adjust our approach to rapidly changing social, political and economic conditions.

The Amr Group implements rapid, sound and innovative solutions for clients. We rely on a confluence of skills-rigorous economic analysis, savvy political insight, and effective communications-to produce bold, innovative solutions that stand the test of time. Our core team, can also deploy, as needed a wide range of trusted consultants Replica Celine Handbags primarily across the Arab World, but also in Europe and North America.

The Amr Group was incorporated in 2001 in the Arlington, VA area of the Washington, DC. Our clients include projects funded by: the World Bank United Nations agencies like UNICEF and UNFPA
Foundations such as the Ford Foundation, and Government Agencies, like the U.S. Department of State or European governments.

We work on four key areas: education, technology, youth and civil society projects in the Arab World, strategic planning and fundraising strategies for NGOs operating in the Arab World,
economic and social analysis of the Arab World, and innovative ideas and analysis on Arab-Western relations.

We provide: master analysis and writing skills for highest-profile publications, strategic planning and analysis, focus group and survey implementation and analysis, an implementation capacity to work across the Arab World, cost-benefit analysis, and
fundraising and governance strategies.


At the Amr Group, we seek to leave the world a better place than we found it. We are also strongly motivated by our abiding commitment to social justice. As Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote in his "Letter from the Birmingham Jail" in August 1963, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." At the Amr Group, we commit ourselves to always being on the right side of the effort to make the world a better place by only working with partners and clients who we believe share the same commitment.

Our consultants and experts are strongly motivated by a commitment to carefully listen to clients' needs and provide innovative solutions that are based on creative thinking and technical excellence. At the Amr Group, we strive to be visionary and pioneering both in the way we work together and in the solutions and implemented strategies we provide. We are committed to continuously grow through internal refinement of professional practices and to provide successful, innovative, and satisfying solutions to our clients.

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