Partnerships with Institutions, Companies and NGOs

If you are a global company, NGO, or institution seeking to add to your team's effectiveness in the Arab World-or work on the subject of Arab-Western relations-and would like to engage the services of the Amr Group or develop a strategic partnership, please contact us at ask@amr-group.com.

Career Development

Professional. Enriching. Career-Building. Flexible. Ethical. Fun.

Send your CV and cover letter to ask@amr-group.com

Our focus is the economic and social development of the Arab World and Ladies Watches Greater Middle East, and on Western-Arab relations. As a young, dynamic firm, we seek out individuals who share our appreciation for global cultures, our dedication to excellence, and our abiding commitment to ethical behavior and to making the world a better place. Our senior consultants work together to create an environment that serves as a platform for talented, Best Replica Watches motivated individuals to enrich their lives and advance their careers. We combine a flexible work environment with rigorous professional expectations and a commitment to ethical values. We see ourselves as a family Fendi Replica Bags of consultants working together to deliver the highest possible quality projects given the aspirations and resources of our clients.

We encourage conscientious work that will surpass our clients' expectations and invest in the development of our team, providing the support we each need to maximize the impact of our ideas and multiply the fruits of our hard work.

We need: Economists o Education and Technology Specialists
Communications Specialists Project Managers.

Skills sought: Strong quantitative skills Clear, confident speaking skills Excellent analytical and writing skills An affinity for teamwork Fluency in English, French, and Arabic.

For lead professional positions: a Masters Degree or higher and a minimum of eight years experience.

For other positions: A belief that the Amr Group is the place you want to work.

The Amr Group is committed to matchmaking-the Replica Celine Handbags right consultant for the right project. For this reason, if you think you are someone we are looking for, we encourage you submit your CV. You will receive a reply once your CV is received.

Send your CV and cover letter to ask@amr-group.com

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