The Amr Group core team began working in economic development in the 1980s, primarily in the Arab World. Today, incorporated in the Arlington, VA area of Washington, DC, we are a small business dedicated to promoting the economic and social development of the Arab World and to improving Arab-Western relations.

The Arab World has a unique set of cultures, traditions and work patterns. Our core team has lived, worked, and grown up in both the Arab World and the West. Therefore, we are able to succeed and achieve results in an environment others find difficult to navigate.

We are Economists, Political Analysts, Anthropologists, Survey Specialists and Project Managers who have trained and worked in the world's leading institutions. We embrace an abiding commitment to excellence and rigorous analytical thought, and we work in partnership with a network of trusted consultants throughout the Arab World.

What have we accomplished for our clients?

We have built partnerships with Arab parliamentarians, royalty and global businesses to launch teacher training programs that are improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of Arab students.

We have worked in partnership with leading American foundations and indigenous Arab NGOs to enable them to strategically navigate a world of changing technology and policies.

We have built a network of Arab professionals spanning four continents in partnership with international agencies and Western governments.

We have authored some of the most important and high-profile documents produced by United Nations agencies in the Arab World.

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